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Schöck Services.Ready to assist you.

As a trusted architect or engineer, you have to have confidence in every detail of the solution you deliver. While structural thermal breaks may not be your area of expertise, when you work with Schöck, you can be confident that you are giving your client the right solution, every time.

Schöck’s team of architects and engineers are ready to assist you with every detail, every step of the way. From thermal break details tailored to your specific project to readily accessible CAD/BIM files to signed and sealed drawings, you can design with confidence with Schöck at your side.

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Why work with Schöck?

  • Tailored solutions
    Schöck's dedicated engineering team creates a solution specific to your project, every time.
  • Technical expertise
    All Schöck Regional Sales Managers are architects or engineers, so they understand your world and the challenges you face.
  • Design aids
    Schöck provides easy-to-access CAD/BIM files and product specs that are ready to drop into your design.
  • Peace of mind
    Every project includes drawings signed and sealed by a professional engineer licensed in your project’s jurisdiction.
  • Proven reliability
    Schöck has completed over 10 million installations worldwide since 1983.

How Schöck helps you.

As the inventor and world's largest manufacturer of structural thermal breaks, with over 10 million installations in 34 countries since 1983, Schöck provides you with the proven reliability and technical assistance you need to design with confidence.

To get us started on developing a tailored solution for your project, fill out a Project Request Form and include drawings that show the desired location of the structural thermal break in plan and a section detail. A Schöck engineer will review your project request and reach out with any questions. Preliminary technical proposals/quotes for budgeting purposes take approximately 2-3 business days to complete. When a full solution is needed, you can expect a 7-9 day turnaround. This allows time for a Schöck engineer to develop a full and detailed solution.

Upon acceptance of a solution, your drawings will be meticulously checked, signed and sealed by a third-party licensed Professional Engineer in the local area of your project.

For an assessment of your project, please complete this Project Request Form.

For answers to preliminary questions about your project, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.