Schöck Isokorb®.Structural Thermal Break Solutions.

Schöck offers the world's most comprehensive line of structural thermal break products that both insulate and support structural penetrations through the building envelope including: balconies, canopies, steel beams, slab edges, parapets, solar equipment and HVAC connections.

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Specialized Isokorb® models for concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel and steel-to-steel construction satisfy a full range of applications encountered in mid- and high-rise construction, from conventional designs to the world's most efficient LEED certified and Passive House projects.

Schöck also offers you comprehensive engineering support, assembly detail evaluations, product drawings and the unequalled experience of over 16 million installations in 34 countries — exactly what you need to dramatically improve your building’s energy efficiency with confidence.

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Schöck North America’s dedicated team is here to support you – ensuring that the solution to thermal bridging proposed for your specific project is the most effective and efficient solution available – every time.

Peace of mind: From initial feasibility studies to provisions of stamped and signed drawings, Schöck’s engineers and technical sales professionals bring expertise and guidance to help you realize your project’s performance goals.

Design aids: If you prefer to design the thermal breaks of your project, Schöck provides readily accessible product drawings, specifications and other technical documentation to assist with your design considerations.

Proven reliability: Schöck has been the industry leader in thermal bridging solutions since we introduced the first commercially available structural thermal break in 1983. With more than 16 million thermal break modules currently installed, we have the know-how and experience to meet your project needs.

For answers to preliminary questions about your project, please contact your Regional Sales Manager. Or if you’re ready for pricing, simply fill out a Project Request Form.