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Learn the latest on Structural Thermal Break solutions without leaving your office. You and your team will walk away with valuable knowledge on cutting heat loss up to 90% and preventing mold growth at structural penetrations, while increasing interior floor temperatures up to 34°F/19°C and complying with new building codes.

Access product specs and blocks.
Incorporating structural thermal breaks into your design.

Looking to incorporate structural thermal breaks into your next design? We've got all of the specs, details and CAD drawings you need in one convenient place... 

Make their decision easier.
Convey value to your client.

You may know the value of structural thermal breaks, but does your client? Get the tools you need to make sure they understand the benefits of your solution... 

Know the code.
Building code compliance in your area.

Is continuous insulation mandatory in your region? Ensure that your building envelope is properly designed to be in compliance with the latest code requirements.

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You bring questions.

Load transfers, thermal conductivity, thermal modeling. Schöck is here to answer all of your questions. Schedule a one-hour educational course geared toward engineers at your firm today.

Engineering expertise.
Custom tailored details.

At Schöck, every solution is created with care by our experienced Engineering team at no cost to you. Once finalized, drawings are signed and sealed by a PE local to the project. Structural thermal break solutions you can rely on.

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Lots of details.

You're an Engineer. Details are an essential part of your work. We get it. Here's a shortcut to all of the product specs and other details you crave. 

Smart choices.
Increase short and long term ROI.

Slash energy costs up to 34°F/19°C, avoid mold liability costs and impress your tenants and owners with warmer interior floors and cleaner air — all while increasing your building's value. See why Structural Thermal Breaks from Schöck simply make business sense.

Building energy codes.
Stay ahead of the curve.

Energy codes are quickly evolving to require Structural Thermal Breaks at all uninsulated building penetrations. Will you be ahead of the curve? Learn the latest code requirements and near-term trends to quantify the importance of insulating your structural penetrations during new construction—when it's easiest and most economical.

No vacancy.
Selling thermal comfort.

Your tenants may never see your structural thermal breaks, but they will most definitely feel their effect – interior floors that are up to 34°F/19°C warmer adjacent to balcony doors, even in the coldest winter months. More useable living space and happier occupants translates into higher ROI.

How do I install Isokorb® STBs?

If you’re getting ready to install Schöck’s Isokorb® structural thermal breaks for the first time, we’re here to help. Download easy-to-follow instructions, watch videos and/or access other installation resources to make your installations go smoothly.

The project calls for Isokorb®.
Call us for the details you need.

Need pricing on Isokorb® for an upcoming bid? Schöck is on your team. Simply send us drawings and a few details via our Project Solution Request Form and we’ll get right on it.

Be a preferred installer.
Get familiar with structural thermal breaks.

Let's face it. Preference is given to those with experience. Get your people the right training and you'll be in a stronger position to win that next bid. Schöck is here to get you up to speed quickly and easily with structural thermal break installation resources.

What is thermal bridging?

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