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You will always find somebody at Schöck to quickly and competently address your needs. A simple click or call will connect you with one of our experts directly. Whether to obtain a quote, schedule a media interview or ask an installation question…we’re here for you.

Reach out to the Regional Sales Managers (RSM) covering your territory. When more than one RSM is listed for your area, you may reach out to either. We all work together. For projects outside of the assigned areas, please contact our Inside Sales Manager.

Chris Ford
NYC & Northeast
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (917) 291 9225
Brent Chancellor, PhD, PE
NYC & Mid-Atlantic
Product Engineer, Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (347) 896 2937
Aaron Chan
NYC & Northeast
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (917) 460 5869
Patrick Chan
Western Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (604) 363-4212
Carlos Garcia
Pacific Northwest
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (604) 562 1919
Nate Lambrecht
Chicago & Midwest
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (312) 678 7394
Bruno Champagne
Montreal & Eastern Canada
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (514) 516 1018
Joe Fyock
Inside Sales Manager
Phone: (609) 375 7305
Sheila Kuster
Inside Sales
Phone: (609) 464 9830

Schöck North America consists of two companies: our USA business based in Princeton, NJ, and our Canadian business, based in Kitchener, Ontario.

Note: For all accounting and legal purposes, please use either Schöck USA Inc. or Schoeck Canada Inc., depending on the country in which your transaction takes place. We cannot process any invoices or checks addressed to Schöck North America; they must be addressed to one country or the other in their respective currencies.

Schöck USA, Inc.
281 Witherspoon Street, Suite 110
Princeton, NJ 08540 USA
Phone: +1 855 572 4625
Schoeck Canada, Inc.
55 King Street West, Suite 700
Kitchener, Ontario N2G 4W1 Canada
Phone: +1 855 572 4625
Schöck North America
Phone: +1 609 592 2565
Schöck North America
Phone: +1 609 375 7305
Schöck North America
Phone: +1 609 375 7305
Human Resources
Schöck North America
Phone: +1 609 582 3621
Schöck North America
Phone: +1 609 582 3621